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Are you a local business's owner looking to downsize or upgrade your office? Do you need to create space or get rid of old supplies? Don’t be a Villain by throwing away useable items. Become a Hometown Hero and let us help you donate your old stuff to any of our local affiliated charities. We'll send out a team of Junk Heroes to pick up your used furniture, computers or supplies and donate them on your behalf. Our Hometown Hero Program is all about reusing and giving back to our community. Your old and unwanted office supplies could be just what a new company needs to get on their feet. Just remember, one businesses trash can be another’s treasure. Becoming a Hometown Hero will help you make a difference by supporting our local community members. After all, we are the “City of Brotherly Love”.

In addition to receiving a tax receipt for your donated items, you and your entire staff will receive multiple coupons towards Junk Heroes and all of our affiliated services and products.

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Hometown Heroes

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