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• What does Junk Heroes do?

Junk Heroes is a full service junk removal company. Whether it is a home or business, we will send a team of friendly, uniformed Heroes to assist you with all your needs. We will evaluate your unwanted items, provide you with an upfront quote for removal and then do ALL the work. We even sweep up the area when we're finished and in some cases, wipe down the surfaces with M2O Magic Water.

• How much do you charge?

Junk Heroes pricing is based on volume or the amount of space your stuff takes up in our Junk Mobiles. For a general idea of how much space your stuff will take, check out our pricing chart. Since our Junk Mobiles are 35% larger than our competitors' trucks, that means more savings for our clients. Our upfront flat rate pricing includes all labor, loading and disposal costs. There are no extra fees or hidden surcharges. Our team of Heroes will analyze your needs and provide you with an explanation of service along with a no-obligation quote. If you agree with the terms they will immediately begin doing all the work, or if you prefer, you can arrange for a return visit that is more convenient for you.

• What do you do with all the junk?

The core values of our company are to Donate, Recycle and Reuse. Junk Heroes uses every method available to streamline your waste into alternative choices. We separate, sort and donate everything we possibly can in order to avoid the dreaded "Landfill of Doom.

• What won't you take?

• Batteries • Hazardous material •Household cleaners • Gas or flammable • Paint • Poisons • Oil drums • Chemicals • Asbestos • Kryptonite

• Is Junk Heroes insured?

Our Junk Mobiles have liability commercial insurance and our Heroes are covered under workers compensation. Junk Heroes assumes all responsibilities when servicing our clients.

• Will I have to wait around for your drivers?

When it comes to saving the planet, Heroes are always on time. We give you a two hour window for our arrival and we won’t keep you waiting. We’ll even give you a courtesy call 15-20 minutes before we arrive so that you can be ready for us.

• Why should I choose Junk Heroes over a dumpster?

Junk Heroes is a full service junk removal company, which means we handle all of the hauling, packing and sorting for you. When you order a dumpster, it is your responsibility to fill it yourself. Also, since we only charge based on volume, you don’t pay for any space that you don’t take up. With a dumpster, you pay for the entire space even if you don’t fill it. Finally, the most important reason to choose Junk Heroes is what we do when we leave. Our core values are to donate, recycle and reuse your unwanted items in order to avoid the dreaded "Landfill of Doom".

• What kind of equipment does Junk Heroes use?

Two friendly Heroes will swoop in with tools, rakes, shovels, dollies and a variety of cleaning supplies to help you in any way necessary. Due to intergalactic policies, we cannot carry ladders or operate heavy machinery.

• What type of payments do you accept?

Junk Heroes accepts all major credit cards, personal checks, business checks and cash.

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